Babies Menu 1 Revised 2016
  MONDAY Fresh Salmon Cous Cous Roasted Peppers & Tomatoes, Sugar free Chocolate Pudding. Cheese sandwich fingers with Cucumber fingers and Carrot sticks - blanched Fresh Fruit Platter  
TUESDAY Chicken Schnitzel/Quorn Schnitzel Cheesy Tagliatelle Pasta Peas & Sweetcorn Fresh Fruit Platter Breadsticks/ Garlic Pitta & Hummus Cucumber & Carrot sticks - blanched Yoghurt
WEDNESDAY Baby Shrimp Paella Garlic Bread peas Fruit Jelly with Strawberry & Peach Sausage Rolls/Cheese & Onion Rolls Cucumber, Carrot sticks blanched/ Ppepper sticks Fresh Fruit Platter
THURSDAY   Sausages/Quorn Sausages Mash Potatoes & Gravy & Broccoli Apple and Cinnamon Crumble  Finger sandwiches  Tomato & Mango Salsa Fresh Fruit Platter
FRIDAY ?????? Banana Muffins  Hot Cross Buns with butter Fresh Fruit Platter
Babies Menu 2 Revised 2016
MONDAY Chilli Con Carne/Quorn Chilli, Brown Rice, Tomato & Sweetcorn Salsa, Fresh Fruit Platter Homemade Scones & Jam, Cucumber & Carrot Sticks blanched, Strawberry & Banana Split
TUESDAY Homemade Cod & Ginger Fishcakes, Roast Potatoes Peas, Pureed fruit & Custard Tomato & Cheese Pasty, Pepper & Cucumber Sticks, Fresh Fruit Platter
WEDNESDAY Tomato & Basil Pasta, Pizza Cucumber & Spinach Salad, Fresh Fruit Platter Cheese & Pineapple Cubes, Corn on Cob & Garlic Pitta Sticks, Frozen Yoghurt
THURSDAY Roast Chicken/Quorn Fillet, Sweet potato & Parsnip Mash, Broccoli & Runner Beans, Cinnamon & Banana Pudding Bagels & Spaghetti hoops, Carrot sticks – blanched, Fresh Fruit Platter
FRIDAY Fish Fingers & Homemade Wedges, Beans & Sweetcorn, Chocolate Mousse Cucumber & Pepper Sticks, Hummus & Breadsticks, Fresh Fruit Platter
Babies Menu 3 Revised 2016
MONDAY Tuna and Sweetcorn Pasta Bake Cheesy Garlic Bread Broccoli & Peas Chocolate Chip Muffins Crumpets & Scrambled Egg Carrot – blanched/ Cucumber & Fresh Fruit Platter
TUESDAY Sausage & Bean Casserole / Vegetarian Sausage Casserole Mashed Potatoes peas Bananas & Custard Salmon & Tuna Sushi ? Cucumber & Avocado Fruit Salad & Ice Cream
WEDNESDAY Quorn Meatball Tagine ?? Cous Cous Cucumber Salad Fresh Fruit Platter Toasted Fruit Loaf Cheese Cubes Pineapple Cubes Fresh Fruit Platter
THURSDAY Pea & Pancetta Risotto Sweetcorn Sweet Potato Wedges, Fresh Fruit Platter Tomato & Cheese Muffin Pizza, Cucumber & Carrot (blanched)Sticks, Fruit Jelly
FRIDAY Caribbean Chicken/Quorn Fillet Brown Rice & Peas Chocolate Rice Crispy Cakes Selection of Mini Sandwiches Cherry Tomatoes & Cucumber Sticks Fresh Fruit Platter
Babies Menu 4 Revised 2016
MONDAY Spaghetti Bolognaise/Quorn Bolognaise Pepper, Tomato & Sweetcorn Salad Frozen Yoghurt & Blueberries Fish Finger Sandwiches Celery & Carrot Sticks Fresh Fruit Platter
TUESDAY Honey Glazed Gammon/Quorn Fillet Roast Potatoes Broccoli & Peas Fresh Fruit Platter Chicken, Ham & Cheese Slices, Lettuce Wraps, Cherry Tomatoes, Eton Mess with Raspberries
WEDNESDAY Fisherman’s Pie, Runner beans & Sweetcorn, Cinnamon Swirls Spaghetti Hoops, Cheese on Toast, Fresh Fruit Platter
THURSDAY Chicken Korma / Quorn Chicken Korma, Basmati Rice & Mini Naans, Cucumber & Carrot Salad, Fresh Fruit Crumble Toasted Waffles Cheese Cubes Grapes Banana Split
FRIDAY Mini Hot Dogs/Quorn Hot dogs Corn on the Cob Potato Salad Chocolate Muffins Homemade Cheese Twists Tzatziki & Cream & Chive Dip Celery, Cucumber & Pepper Sticks Fresh Fruits Platter