Our Facilities

The nursery has been designed with the needs of the children in mind. Bespoke furniture and up to date equipment to give your child the best experience.

The rooms and ages are split into three groups under the following names:

Caterpillars - 9 months - 2 years

Tractors - 2 - 3 years

Rockets - 3 - 5 years

Outside Play Areas

The nursery has a number of outside play areas for use all year round:

  • The Patio Area with a large overhead canopy
  • The AstroTurf Play Area with an all-weather surface
  • Our Walled Garden, Forest School and Seasonal Growing Area
  • The Robust Activity Area with log traverse and safety flooring.

We include the outdoor area in our planning with adult led and child initiated activities. The area is accessible throughout the day and the children require suitable wet weather clothing and wellington boots.

Forest School

The Forest School is accessible throughout the day and is planned with adult led and child initiated activities.

Play Equipment

We have a very well equipped nursery with a wide variety of learning materials and both indoor and outdoor play equipment including:

  • A sand pit, water bath, slides, tunnels, ladders, and climbing frames
  • Large wooden construction toys and community play building blocks
  • Balancing beams, rocking chairs and push chairs, as well as cars, boats, trucks, trains, pull-along transporters, dinosaurs, farm animals and dolls
  • Books, toys, puzzles, costumes, alphabet and number games
  • Plenty of painting, drawing and collage materials including an art easel
  • CDs, musical instruments, computer equipment, magnets and more.

Washroom & Changing Facilities

The nappy changing areas are located in both the Tractor Room and Caterpillar Room; this promotes good practice in respect of safeguarding children and staff. We provide baby wipes, however if special wipes are required please supply these alongside your child’s nappies.

The toilets are located within easy reach of both Tractor Room and Rocket Room and consist of four separate cubicles with doors, four low-level sinks, soap dispensers and paper towels. The children are encouraged to practice good hygiene and they wash their hands regularly throughout the day.

Safety, Security and First Aid

At Kids and Co. we take the safety, security, and welfare of the children in our care extremely seriously. As such we have a number of security, first aid and fire safety procedures in place, which are regularly reviewed, tested and updated. However to summarise, it might be useful for parents to know that:

We have well equipped First Aid Boxes in all play rooms and in the kitchen and our Early Years practitioners regularly update their Paediatric First Aid Training. Please ask to see our policy on how we deal with first aid procedures.

We have a modern Fire Alarm System with smoke detectors throughout the building, which is regularly serviced and tested. We also practice the Fire Drill with the children and staff.

We undertake head counts and Security Checks every day (using a register), to make sure the nursery is secure. We have a strict signing in and signing out procedure, no visitors are left unaccompanied, and all visits are by appointment only. We make sure all the external windows and doors are kept locked (or have safety locks), that the external gates are closed, and that the children are SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES throughout the day.

We enforce a ban on the use of personal cameras and mobile phones. Copies of all our fire, sickness, illness, injury and door policies are available to view in our Operational Plan. Please ask us for more information if required.

Daily Timetable


Curriculum & Activities

8-9 am Register/Breakfast/ Settle in
9-10 am Children’s own Choice of activities/ chosen toys
10 -10.15am Group Time/ Story/ Rhymes/Songs/discussion about Daily activities and Snacks
10.15-11 am Main activities (Adult led/Child initiated – indoor and outdoor)
11-11.30 am Free play (Outdoor)
11.15-11.45am Group Time (Story Tape/TV/ Story sack) Nappy Changing/ washing hands
11:45-12:30 Lunch Time
12:30-12:45 Quiet Time or Sleep arrangement for younger children
1-2 pm Children’s choice of small group activities
2 pm -2:45 Children start waking up/ (free flow) indoor/ Outdoor- free play activities
2:45 pm Group time/ Washing hands
3pm Tea Time
3:30 pm Group time/ nappy changing/setting up activities
4-5pm Self chosen activities/small group play /outdoor
5 pm Drink & Snacks/ Story Time
5:15-6pm Free play
6 pm Closed