Interactive Feedback

What do we mean by
'Interactive Feedback'

We incorporate interactive feedback into your child's learning, through the mobile app Tapestry.


Thanks to Tapestry we can help capture the magic of a child's early years’ experience, and record children's learning in a way that is easy and fun.

Tapestry makes it easy for you to track your children's progress as well as providing parents with special memories to treasure.

Tapestry is a standalone application with your own web address and full management functions to control access and communication for both parents and staff. It is a very easy tool to use and guidance is available on how to use the portal.

Each observation or page can include notes, photos videos and EYFS assessments and characteristics of effective learning. They can be enhanced by comments from staff and parents.


As the staff we can view and easily flip through the complete set of observations of the children.

As the parent you will have access, with the login details we provide you with, to read your child’s profile which will be private information only viewable to the staff and the parent. You have the option to upload your own experiences with your child to add to their learning journal so your keyworker can see and evaluate   


Tapestry can provide data for summative assessments, thoroughness checks, next steps and more.


With Tapestry's transfer children feature you can transfer children and their data to any other Tapestry account, you don't have to even own the recipient account!

You control how much data is transferred and where to using our secure transfer system. If at any point you change your mind, you can cancel the transfer and no data is removed.


You can filter the search if you are looking for a topic or any observation in particular.
To find out more about Tapestry and how it works please visit